Who is the training for?



'The mentoring program is carried out by the founder and author of the international Baby Functional Movement  program and is recommended to anyone who would like to learn and understand how baby motor and cognitive development works. 


It is recommended to anyone who would like to put into practice their understanding of the baby's development on a daily basis, thus helping the baby to follow the path of optimal development'.  

Who is the training intended for?

- It is intended for the BFM trainers who have successfully completed their training and received a trainer certificate (the Mentoring Program enables them to successfully upgrade their knowledge and gain even more in-depth insights into the method).

- It is also intended for the professionals who are interested in the comprehensive knowledge of the baby's motor and cognitive development.


- The purpose of the mentoring program is to offer all those who have acquired the basic knowledge in the field of the baby’s motor development through the BFM method the possibility of futher education, in order to upgrade their already acquired knowledge. Moreover, the mentoring program is to offer individual assistance with any difficulties that they might encounter in their practice.

- Assisting professionals working with babies in proper guidance and promotion of healthy motor and cognitive development

(* The essence of the TRAINER MENTORING PROGRAM is guidance and support even after the end of the training, since we are aware that education is a neverending process and that every stage of education requires a mentor who will guide us towards the final goal.)

Who provides it?

The mentoring program is conducted by the author of the BFM® program - Saška H. Kuhar

What does it look like?

The mentoring program takes the form of individual counseling (over the phone, skype or in person at your desired location).





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