Baby Functional Movement program


Unique and the only one of its kind program that has designed all the necessary elements for optimal baby development in the first year of its life and represents a 4 - stage motor development program. 

'The purpose of Baby Functional Movement program is to promote physical education for babies through professional training, education and research so that the importance of motor and cognitive skills for baby's optimal development is getting spread around the globe.'


A baby's optimal development requires not only motor but also cognitive development, since it has the highest developmental potential in the first year of life.

With our 4 - stage developmental Baby Functional Movement program, you can activate and stimulate both areas at the same time, while building a stronger bond with your baby in a fun way.


The online Baby Functional Movement program is the first educational program of its kind, which:


✔ Combines optimal development in the form of natural movement and perception through unique baby functional movement techniques,

✔ Combines three-dimensional (3D) baby learning,

✔ Combines all the necessary elements of movement, sensory evaluation and touch (with over 100 exercise activities without and the use of exercise equipments such as bosu, swiss ball, foam rollers, yoga balls, elastic bands, etc) 

✔ Gives the in-depth knowledge and shows the status of non-verbal communication with your baby,

✔ Increases one’s self-esteem and leads to an open relationship between the baby and the parent,

✔ Triggers the parents’ desire for an even deeper connection with the baby, and finally  

✔ Gives a new insight into the overall development of your baby.


With the Baby Functional Movement program you will learn how to:


✔ Properly use baby functional handling method for active use of muscles,

✔ Use innate reflexes of babies in the first few months,

✔ Equaly develop both sides of the baby's body as it is crucial for overall development,

✔ Sucessfully apply deeper bonding techniques in daily lifestyle,

✔ Implement over 100 exercise movement into your baby's daily routine,

✔ Optimally help your baby develop,

 ✔ Make best effort and help baby grow healthy and happy,

✔ Lay the foundations for baby's bright future,

✔ And many more.




What do we offer?


We offer unique educational programs designed for professionals (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doulas, nannies, teachers and educators) as well as parents who would like to provide their babies with the right foundation for an optimal development from birth onwards.

Who are the trainings intended for?


The Baby Functional Movement training program is intended for anyone interested in having an in-depth knowledge of the baby's motor and cognitive development during the first year of its life; it is especially intended for those of you who are in daily contact with newborns and babies. 

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TEACHES THE METHODS of work and its main foundations



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