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My name is Saska and I am the Author of the Baby Functional Movement programme.

I am glad the path has brought you to my website and you are searching to get to know more about the baby's motor and cognitive development.

I promise you that you are at the right place and that I will enrich you with lifelong knowledge that you will be able to pass on or use the acquired knowledge in your everyday interaction with the baby.


I strongly believe I can help you with my experiences and knowledge in the field of working with babies therefore I invite you to join me through our personalized courses and education, designed for both professionals and parents with a baby from birth onwards.

"The more interaction there is between the parents and the baby, or the more time the parents spend with their baby, the better for the baby. It is this kind of interaction with the baby that builds a strong foundation of emotional stability in the child, which has a positive effect on its continued development and positive self-image."
Saška H.Kuhar

I am an Infant Development Specialist (motor and cognitive), PT, Specialised Pediatric Nutritionist, an entrepreneur and a mother, who heartily passes on her mission and experience in the form of trainings for babies’ motor and cognitive development.   

By focusing on the baby’s movements, I encourage the natural guidance of the baby, thus in the training you will be taught how to observe and give the baby the right information at the right time, and in particular to guide the baby in the path of optimal functional, i.e. motor developmental process.  

Through practice and experience, I can with certainty say that the positive effects of correctly guiding the baby are amazing and with the right insights, parents can undoubtedly improve and / or upgrade a lot. In recent years, I have heartily been passing on my mission, written works, knowledge and experience to individuals who also dedicate their work to babies. Through intensive and carefully planned training for trainers, I have brought and trained over 50 practitioner trainers (both in Slovenia and abroad) who successfully run their programs under the mentorship of our certified international Baby Functional Movement BFM® program.   

I hope that my work serve you as a guide for your daily interaction with the baby, as doing the exercises and following instructions can make a significant contribution to the baby's motor development.



Unique baby developmental classes and classes for mothers after birth have been discovered in 2013

After becoming a mother I wanted to be the best role model to my child, offering him the best possible start as well trying to help myself and women get back into shape after the birth of their baby.

I have started to run my own baby developmental classes for mothers during their maternity leave and therefore teach pre / post natal classes for mothers and the babies.



Opening of the Center FM (biggest center for mothers and families with babies) and launching the programme Baby Functional Movement in 2015

I have opened my own Baby developmental center in Ljubljana, which has become the biggest center for mothers with babies (offering all sorts of professional courses and classes for best possible start for the babies as well for the mothers).



Launched Baby Functional Movement certified Practitioner Training (cPT/BFM) in 2018

The purpose of Baby Functional Movement programme is promoting physical education for babies through professional training, education and research (so that the importance of motor and cognitive skills for baby's optimal development) was born.



Launched an online services for professionals and the mothers with babies in 2019

I wanted to make Baby Functional Movement programme accessible to every mother with the baby and to all those professionals dealing with babies (to deepen their knowledge and gain additional skills) around the globe.



More than 900 mothers with babies and over 100 practitioners worldwide

We are now organising live workshops, webinars (among with the practitioner trainings) in UAE, Slovenia and worldwide. Our goal is to make Baby Functional Movement mainstream and help practitioners and mothers with babies enhance their understanding of baby's motor and cognitive development.


Baby Functional Movement is a program designed to understand the normal baby development and skill acquisition during the first year of life. The impetus to develop the program was generated by my exasperation and a desire for a greater and deeper understanding of normal functional movements in babies - in order to implement and pass this to parents and professionals dealing with babies on a daily basis.

After searching the literature through my studies I noticed only little information existed and that's how I began my journey and independent study which now led to a higher level education where I pass this knowledge to my practitioners worldwide.

I am so excited you are showing interest in starting this transformational educational journey about understanding infant development from birth, and most importantly - to put all this in practice and guide your baby towards optimal motor and cognitive skills within the first year of life.

Looking forward to meet you all!



GOT A QUESTION? TALK TO saska directly!



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