Author and Founder of the program


Hi there, My name is Saška H.Kuhar and I am the founder and master trainer of Baby Functional Movement program.

♥ Author's words 


The arrival of a new-born baby for the new parents represents, in addition to the immense joy and pride, many changes in the daily way of life. The biggest change that happens is the shift of focus from oneself or the partner to the newborn. Subconsciously, a person goes from egoism (which is the natural state of man) to altruism, and overnight or with the birth of a newborn, the whole attention is shifted to the little pie.

Parental love, or the desire to take care of the newborn in the most optimal and correct way, is often associated with various doubts. Often enough, parents are in doubt about how to hold their baby, how to lift it, how much they can squeeze it, how warm they should dress it, whether it is too hot or too cold, fed or hungry, and so on.

The handling and upbringing of the baby, as well as the involvement of the baby in the daily chores and movement with the baby, are very different depending on the cultural and national determination as well as the socio-economic status of the parents. Many times, the various approaches to the new-born’s upbringing and handling are different and contradictory in some respects.

Notwithstanding all the differences (cultural, socio-economic, national), the baby's motor development experts are united in one thing:


 'The more interaction there is between the parents and the baby, or the more time the parents spend with their baby, the better for the baby. It is this kind of interaction with the baby that builds a strong foundation of emotional stability in the child, which has a positive effect on its continued development and positive self-image'.


I am Saška H. Kuhar, author of the international Baby Functional Movement (BFM®) program, an entrepreneur and a mother, who heartily passes on her mission and experience in the form of trainings for babies’ motor and cognitive development.   


By focusing on the baby’s movements, I encourage the natural guidance of the baby, thus in the training you will be taught how to observe and give the baby the right information at the right time, and in particular to guide the baby in the path of optimal functional, i.e. motor developmental process.  


I started my career in England (London), where I lived and worked for a whole decade and completed my studies of child sports pedagogy, specializing in baby’s motor development. Later, under the tutelage of my mentor Michelle Turner, I acquired all the in-depth knowledge in the field of functional movement from birth onwards and today I pass on my knowledge, supported with studies and findings, to trainers, parents, caregivers and to all who are aware of the importance of movement and what impact it has on the development of a baby.


Throughout my work abroad, I was (and still am) torn between England, America and Dubai, where I had the opportunity and honor to work and gain my experience in the most elite training and motor-development centers. And it was this kind of experience that helped me to realize my dreams and start using my entire knowledge and experience through the Baby Functional Movement (BFM®) program.       


Baby Functional Movement is the direct result of my dissertation written at a university in the UK (and is translated into Slovene as an e-book titled "Razvoj dojenčka skozi gibalni in kognitivni process," eng. "Baby Development through the Motor and Cognitive Processes", 2017).  

In what way?

Through practice and experience, I can with certainty say that the positive effects of correctly guiding the baby are amazing and with the right insights, parents can undoubtedly improve and / or upgrade a lot. In recent years, I have heartily been passing on my mission, written works, knowledge and experience to individuals who also dedicate their work to babies. Through intensive and carefully planned training for trainers, I have brought and trained 20 trainers (both in Slovenia and abroad) who successfully run their programs under the mentorship of our certified international Baby Functional Movement BFM® program.   

♥  and finally,

I hope that my work and our group meetings serve as a guide for your daily interaction with the baby, as doing the exercises and following instructions can make a significant contribution to the baby's motor development.


 ♥ certification 

- Infant Development Specialist, Worldwide

- Author of BFM® (Baby Functional Movement program), UK and International

- Lecturer and Master Trainer for Baby Functional Movement (BFM®) Educational Program for Professionals

- Founder of Center FM (Baby Functional Movement from birth / Educational center for parents and professionals), SLO

- Movement Integration Specialist (NMA/Newborn Movement Assessment™ registered), USA

- Master of Sports Science (MSc)

- Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science (BSc Hons/BExSS), UK

- Personal Trainer (advanced EQF level 4) / PT Academy, UK 

- Pre / Post naatal instructor / PT Academy, UK

- Fitness instructor (ETM & Gym), UK

- Sports Nutrition Certification, UK

- Water based Exercise Certification (pre/post natal), UK

- Circuit based Exercise Certification, UK

- Indoor Cycling Exercise Certification, UK

- Body Tehnika Inštruktor, CRO

- Sports Academy (registered by Exercise professionals), UK

- Bachelor of TM Business Management (BSc Hons), UK 


' It is a well-known fact today that, as conscious parents, we can decisively influence the baby's motor development, since the latter is not a hermetically sealed process, but rather a dynamic one influenced by various factors.'



'With the help of trainings, seminars and regular visits both in Slovenia and abroad, which I regularly prepare with a team of experts, I want to raise awareness of the importance of physical developmental activities in the baby's first year, and demonstrate how they affect the baby's motor and cognitive development'.

Baby Functional Movement is a program designed to understand the normal baby development and skill acquisition during the first year of life. The impetus to develop the program was generated by my exasperation and a desire for a greater and deeper understanding of normal functional movements in babies - in order to implement and pass this to parents and professionals dealing with babies on a daily basis.

After searching the literature through my studies I noticed only little information existed and that's how I began my journey and independent study which now led to a higher level education where I pass this knowledge to my practitioners worldwide.

I am so excited you are showing interest in starting this transformational educational journey about understanding infant development from birth, and most importantly - to put all this in practice and guide your baby towards optimal motor and cognitive skills within the first year of life.

Looking forward to meet you all!

Saška H.Kuhar, Infant Development Specialist 


GOT A QUESTION? TALK TO saska directly!
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