Benefits of the programme


With the Baby Functional Movement programme, we not only achieve incredible effects and results in the baby's development but also encourage the baby, naturally and its time, to achieve optimal development in all areas. 


'It is a well-known fact today that, as conscious parents, we can make a huge difference in the baby's motor development, since the latter is not a hermetically sealed process, but rather a dynamic process influenced by various factors.'


Saška H.Kuhar

Benefits for babies


✔ Presents the baby with a special form of communication that encourages compassion, love and mutual respect;

✔ Represents the baby's intimate time and shows results in its deepend trust in the parents;

✔ Helps improve and normalize muscle tone;

✔ Helps improve sensory and physical awareness;

✔ Improves neurological and motor development;

✔ Helps improve oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells;

✔ Helps with any pain (colic, cramps, gas congestion, discomfort);

✔ Increases the regulation of the necessary hormones in the body (reduces the level of cortisol – stress hormone);

✔ Enhances well-being and positive awareness of the baby’s body.

Benefits for professionals and parents


✔ The program provides parents and professionals with all the essential indicators of the "intimate" bonds between parents and babies; what is even more important, we teach parents how to develop a more deepened connection, which is achieved through communication by the use of touch, sound, smell, sight, heat balance and movement. 

✔ We encourage and teach the importance of non-verbal communication.

✔ We encourage a greater self-esteem and greater competence in caring for and providing guidance to the baby.

✔ We help parents understand how to alleviate potential "stressful" situations in the home environment.

✔ We teach parents and professionals how to identify the baby's needs.

✔ We provide parents with tools to understand their baby's unique rhythms and patterns.

✔ The program also promotes social and emotional development (self-awareness and self-regulation). 

Who can benefit from the Baby Functional Movement programme and its method?


Anyone and everyone can potentially benefit from the Baby Functional Movement programme.

Baby Functional Movement method provides you with the foundational knowledge about the physiological baby blueprint - Start learning today, we are transforming baby's lives around the globe!


GOT A QUESTION? TALK TO saska directly!



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