The main purpose and objective 


Because we are aware that every baby is and individual, we provide you with a comprehensive and individual approach to the Baby Functional Movement programme to ensure that treatments are effective and, above all, as unstressful and relaxing for the baby as possible. 



The goals of each our individual online sessions are,

- Analysis of the baby's motor functionality

- Prevention of abnormalities in the motor development itself

- Early recognition of abnormalities / passivemovement patterns

- Diagnosis of passive process in the baby's development

- Learning and directing you, parents, through an individual movement process that varies from baby to baby

- Integral / individual theraupetic developmental treatment  (without any pressure from the environment)

- Planning a theraupetic and movement plan, and conquering individual milestones in the development

- Monitoring and supporting the implementation of the programme

- Achieving a more optimal functionality in the baby's development

♥ 𝒶𝒹𝒹𝒾𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃𝒶𝓁


Through each individual motor development session we simultaneously answer to all your possible questions, such as,

- Use of baby carriers for optimal development

- Baby functional handling from birth 

- Burping techniques

- Sleeping positions for optimal development

- Colics and cramps in babies

- Swaddling babies from birth (when, why, how, etc).

- Positions of active and passive carying from birth

- Correct positional ways of changing clothes and diapers in babies 

- Breastfeeding positions and feeding position guidlines according to optimal development

- We also delve into individual specific areas, such as SIDS syndrome, hypotonia, hypertonia, torticollis, etc.

- Other

Wait no more and get on board with one of our educational courses for parents of a newborn and baby.





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