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Baby Functional Movement certificate

Dig deep into the world of Baby Functional Movement, infant development, anatomy of the baby, childbirth and baby's functional movement education, new era (postnatal life) with the baby, functional body systems organisation and much more as Saska H.Kuhar shares information and experience from her extensive career working with babies within the first year of life as well as her over 10.000 hours spent in working with professionals, families and mothers with babies as an Infant Development Specialist.

This depth of experience has been distilled down, researched, filmed and edited in to a concise package designed to teach professionals and future practitioners what they need to know to safely teach about the importance of baby's motor development - or just to deepen the knowledge in the field of infant development.

With the Baby Functional Movement practitioner certificate, you will spread the knowledge to all those parents who are aware that the baby’s development is not a process in itself, but a process that needs to be 'gradually built'- in the physical, cognitive and emotional areas of development, all at the same time.



By completing the Baby Functional Movement Practitioner Training and obtaining the L1 (level 1) certificate after handing in the final paper, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge with which you can:


✔ Independently run the 4 - stage Baby Functional Movement program within your professional work

✔ Conduct practical workshops on the baby's motor and cognitive developments

✔ Promote and disseminate knowledge on the importance of the baby’s motor development

✔ Participate in active promotion of the baby’s motor development in the first year of its life.




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